WL3 Firewall®

wl3-firewall water dispenser

Excellent purification performance in an elegant and convenient dispenser

A sleek unit for anytime refreshment

The WL3 Firewall® (WL3 FW) by Waterlogic dispenses a choice of popular water types, including hot and extra hot options. Equipped with Firewall superior UVC purification technology, this unit guarantees you safe hydration and the best-tasting water.

• Serves up to 30 users
• COVID-secure Firewall® purification
• Touch sensitive user panel
• Hands-free operation available
• Freestanding & countertop models
• BioCote® antimicrobial protection

Water Options:

The WL3 FW Features Three Core Technologies

Waterlogic filtration icon

High Performance Filtration

Waterlogic’s filters are certified to stringent standards by IAPMO R&T, carrying the Water Quality Platinum Seal, meaning they offer the best possible filtration. This guarantees each drop is as good as the last.
Waterlogic firewall icon

Firewall Purification

Waterlogic’s patented and certified Firewall UVC purification system thoroughly purifies the water all the way through to the point of dispense for microbiologically safe water. Tested effective against COVID-19 and guaranteed free from: up to 99.9999% bacteria, 99.99% viruses, and 99.9% cysts.
Waterlogic bio cote icon

BioCote® Antimicrobial Protection*

The WL3 FW key surfaces are infused with BioCote®, a silver ion additive that provides an effective barrier against microbes like bacteria and mold, which may cause odors or staining.

Advanced Features

Hands-free dispensing enabled by infrared technology

Dispensing area can accommodate average size reusable bottles

LED UV fault indicator for easier servicing and peace of mind

Energy-saving sleep mode reduces power consumption when the unit is not in use

Clean Sustainable Water Solutions chose to partner with Waterlogic due to their unmatched water dispenser technology and filter certifications.

Firewall-patented UVC technology reduces the risks of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, purifying the water up to 99.9999%. Rigorously tested* and guaranteed effective at inactivating the human form of COVID-19 with a colony reduction of over 99.999%

[Independently tested by the University of Arizona’s Water & Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST) Center.]