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Up to 70% Savings

WL3 Firewall®

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WL3 Firewall®

Refreshingly safe water for the workplace

Choose between our freestanding or countertop water dispensers with high capacity for offices. Rental options available, so you can select a plan that suits you, our team of experts is here to help you answer any question.


• Serves up to 30 users
• COVID-secure Firewall® purification
• Touch sensitive user panel
• Hands-free operation available
• Freestanding & countertop models
• BioCote® antimicrobial protection

The world’s first range of COVID-secure water dispensers

Only Waterlogic’s patented Firewall® technology purifies water up to 99.9999% and is scientifically proven to be effective against the human form of COVID-19, as well as other viruses including Legionella.

Hands-Free Dispensing

Benefit from added peace of mind with our hands-free solutions to help you provide a safe and hygienic working environment.

Up to 70% Savings

Fixed monthly rate, service and maintenance included Lease a water cooler from us and enjoy our low fixed monthly rates with no hidden costs.

Enjoy unrivaled water purity and reduce single-use plastic waste

Local service you can count on.

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Clean Sustainable Water Solutions provides superior water purification dispensers to customers in the New England area keeping water quality high, costs low and helping save the environment.

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